Architectural Signage

Custom signage designed by Philcan Group is a unique and personalized way to promote a business or organization.

In the vibrant, ever-evolving world of brand communication, a myriad of media elements are utilized to captivate attention, evoke appeal, and effectively disseminate information. These range from dynamic logos and towering totems to striking emblems and creative window displays. At Philcan, we stand ready as a trusted ally to brands, offering comprehensive solutions designed to cater to all their signage needs. Our products are not merely high-quality; they perfectly blend traditional necessities with the intricacies of sophisticated specifications. We seamlessly merge innovative design with precision processes, bringing a touch of creativity and flair to every project we undertake, even those that push boundaries and venture into uncharted territories.

Our commitment to offering impeccable quality signs is unwavering and forms the bedrock of our mission. However, we also strive to implement your brand’s unique identity across its entire distribution network. To achieve this, we’ve developed a diverse product suite, each designed to respond effectively to the multifaceted realities of your network. Our signage elements fulfill various roles across a broad array of markets. Whether we’re designing a sleek, modern automated teller machine in a bustling downtown location or a service station canopy on the city’s outskirts, our signage elements are meticulously crafted to align with your strategic objectives, while strictly adhering to any architectural or security standards that may apply to your sites.

In addition to our signature products such as totems or logos that heighten your brand’s visibility and recognition, we also specialize in creating zoning and directional signage elements. These are designed to streamline user navigation within and around your premises, enhancing customer experience and contributing to the overall appeal of your brand.

For those unique situations where unconventional signage systems are required, we are more than capable of accommodating your specific needs. We pride ourselves in designing innovative, bespoke signage solutions that are tailored to the size and positioning requirements within your building.

Our ultimate aim is to empower you to imbue your brand image with a sense of significance and relevance, crafting a client experience that is not only engaging but also memorable.

Our services extend beyond just providing signage for distribution networks. Our national and international clients often have unique requirements for visual identity solutions for their production plants and tertiary buildings. These buildings, often massive and complex, need signage that can clearly communicate the brand’s message while being durable and visually appealing.


Emblems and Flag Signs

Though made up of standard sub-components, are part of the same brand family. They serve as refined, authentic representations of your logo, and occasionally your brand name, offering an elegant touch to your branding strategy. These signage elements stand as a testament to your brand’s commitment to quality and attention to detail.


Serving as the ultimate signature of your brand, logos form the key element in your range of brand identifiers. It often demands the highest level of technical sophistication, requiring a blend of creative design and precise execution. A well-designed and implemented logo can significantly elevate your brand’s perception and appeal. 

Entrance Signs

When launching a new site or updating a brand identity, it’s important to give due consideration to your entrance sign. It forms the first point of contact with your brand for many customers and therefore plays a vital role in establishing a strong first impression. Entrance signs have the power to capture the essence of your brand and set the tone for the customer’s experience. 

ATM Design and Signage

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) represent a unique segment within the signage industry, particularly relevant to the banking sector. ATM design and signage require a balance of aesthetic appeal and functional simplicity, all the while ensuring the brand’s identity is clearly communicated. Our team possesses the necessary expertise to create ATM signage that not only stands out but also aligns with the brand’s design ethos.


Totems, standalone structures often used for signage, are among the most utilized signage elements by our clients, except in city centre locations where space is a premium. Totems provide a versatile platform for showcasing your brand, allowing for creative designs and impactful messaging. These towering structures can significantly enhance your brand’s visibility, making them a preferred choice for many businesses. 

Window Dressing

Commercial structures today commonly feature glass windows and facades. Utilizing these surfaces for branding is a natural progression and offers a unique opportunity to make a strong visual impact. Window dressing can range from simple logo displays to elaborate designs, all aimed at catching the eye of passersby and improving brand visibility.

Directional Boards

Directional signage plays a significant role in shaping the client experience. They guide visitors, facilitate the flow of traffic, and save valuable time. Well-designed directional signage not only ensures a smooth customer journey but also reflects positively on your brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction.


Canopies, like roofing and facade elements, demand a specialized set of manufacturing skills that extend beyond those required for regular sign production. These structures not only serve a practical purpose but also offer a canvas to express your brand’s identity. Our team has the knowledge and experience to produce canopies that are both functional and visually appealing.

Indoor Directional Signage

Just as with outdoor directional signage, the aim of indoor signage is to guide your clients as effectively as possible to the services they seek. Indoor directional signage is crucial in large buildings, where navigating through different sections can be challenging for visitors. A well-planned indoor signage system can greatly enhance the visitor’s experience. 

Interior Logos

Interior logos serve as a constant reminder of your brand’s identity and ethos to your customers. They are a vital component of your branding strategy, offering a powerful way to stand out from the competition. Our team can create eye-catching, memorable logos that encapsulate your brand’s uniqueness and align with its overall design philosophy.

Zoning Signage

Zoning signage plays an essential role in organizing your venue. It helps your clients identify different spaces within your venue, each associated with a specific type of use. Proper zoning can significantly improve the customer experience by making navigation within your venue easy and intuitive.

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